We would like to say thank you!

For your interest and your trust of many years, for the many great guests and lots of incredible events.

Thank you!

Unfortunately, because of the restructuring of our buildings, "Serviced Apartments" and the Eventlocation are no longer available.



At Home

When your job takes you to new regions you would like to feel at home. Our serviced apartments create comfort along with taste, ambiance and service.


An exceptional location, fascinating ambiance, and hospitality, our event hosting makes your festivities an unforgettable experience.


Surrounded by beautiful vineyards, the Rhine at your doorstep and fig trees in the garden – the Alter Pfarrhof is located in an area in which life is especially enjoyable.

Alter Pfarrhof • Irene Mayer • Pfarrstraße 4 • 55294 Bodenheim
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